About Henri: Good vibes, fresh sounds

“I want to reach people with my music and try to make them happy with my songs and by that help them through the good and the bad times.” At first glance, Henri Purnell’s “Mission Statement” reads like the blue-eyed intention of a hopeless dreamer. In times in which crafty popstars with cheap PR vocabulary are strategically driving their career to maximum (and in the process accept the loss of artistic credibility), even the greatest idealists find it increasingly difficult to fully believe in the integrity of an artist who pretends to just be a super spreader for good vibes. In the case of the young songwriter and producer, however, you need to change your mind: Henri Purnell’s music is pure serotonin. And millions of Spotify listeners have already fallen in love with it.

It only takes a few moments of his songs “Getaway”, “Feel It Still” or “Can You Hear Me”, and you feel the unfiltered, euphoric energy that shapes the attitude and work of the young man from Munich, who was once inspired by artists like Martin Garrix and Avicii who was inspired by Calvin Harris to make music himself. “I always try to make my songs especially ‘happy’, that reflects my personality,” he explains. “I am a very positive person and try to spread this positivity through music.” Even devastating crisis situations such as the current corona pandemic with far-reaching consequences for the creative and entertainment scene cannot completely ruin Henri’s mood. “Fortunately, I was very busy producing in 2019, so I still had enough projects to finalize”. The fact that he does not need any outside help for this task (he plays the piano very well, writes and produces everything himself) favored the incredibly talented musician in the exceptional situation caused by the pandemic.