You can hear my new song now!

Even though it’s carrying his trademark whistle and overall bright vibe, Can You Hear Me feels more like winter than Henri Purnell’s recent releases. The vocalist yearns to find back his lost love on the tones of Henri’s instrumental. Can You Hear Me takes the listener along on a nightly search for that one special [...]

Getaway Remix EP is here!

We start the new year with two new remixes of the single Getaway being added to the catalogue. This time Jaxomy and CARSTN are on remix duty. Getaway goes straight to the club! Both German producers/djs fire up the latin infused track with some clubby basses and deep vocal chops. Have a listen yourself. Both [...]

Eyes on You remixes are here!

Finally two remixes of "Eyes on You" are here and you will dig these! Since the 1 million streaming milestone has been passed on Spotify. Eyes on You gets two new remixes which are fire. Music Producer and Dj Voost brings clubby vibes with his remix of Eyes on You. The dutch producer delivers heavy [...]

Our kind of Orange Juice is served!

Finally, the juice is served and our kind of Orange Juice is out now! The song is the results of two different worlds. Singer Youkii loves to write dark songs while Henri loves to include happiness in his music. Steve Reece, collaborating producer came up with the idea to combine these two worlds. Orange Juice [...]

Tidy Dancer will heat up your dance moves!

Funk it up y'all! Exaclty almost a year ago I started this project. At this time I listened to lots of rock and funk music, which inspired me to create Tidy Dancer. Combining dance beats with funky guitars, saxophones and basses I came up with an instrumental pretty fast. Last but not least, Jimmy Hennessy [...]

New Artwork design for California Dreaming!

Hey y'all. My Summer Relax playlist: California Dreaming got a pretty sweet new artwork design. stop thinking start dreaming. Follow me on a trip through cozy california vibes. Enjoy the latest music to relax of genres like Tropical House, Pop and Dance. This playlist will guarantee you the perfect California Chill. Click here to listen [...]